What is a Janta ka Faisla?

If you recall, the first wave of COVID and the subsequent lock down affected migrants across India, many of whom had to fend for themselves, walking hundreds of kilometres back home in some cases. That tragedy has now been overshadowed by the even greater challenges presented by the second wave. Between the two, COVID has thrown a harsh light on India’s systems of care and welfare.

The Janta ka Faisla (JKF) is a space in which citizens experience empowerment by deliberating upon and passing judgment on a range of issues that impact their lives, whether they from Samaaj, Sarkaar or Bazaar. The citizens’ jury hears presentations from experts and weighs the presented options. Finally, the jury passes judgment on the choices available to them and makes that judgment available to the public.

We believe that these ‘wicked problems’ can only be solved by creating a society of the people, for the people and by the people, a society in which citizens are empowered to effect changes in society, governance and the economy and create a flourishing future for all of us.

And at the end